One Day Retreats for Women

Discover a self-care retreat to unwind, come home to yourself and reconnect with your intuition.

➼ ➼ Currently I only host retreats for my inner circle. Would you like to become part of this intimate space, please send me a message:


Unwind, Reflect & Reconnect

Women are highly intuitive, and that’s a gift we have to embrace. During the restorative retreat, you will discover how to recognize and utilize your intuition.

Finding a profound connection with yourself will help you gain more inner peace, confidence, and trust in following your path.

Letting go for the day
Through yoga, meditation, and intuitive movement, I will guide you on a journey inwards, allowing you to radiate your loving feminine energy.

Each retreat offers a different approach and new insights. You’re welcome to join as many as you like.


Movement, sound, breath & stillness

Take some time to be quiet, travel deep within yourself, and move in utter freedom. Can you act on where your intuition is telling you to go?


Accommodating both body and mind, we will practice gentle yoga styles that allow you to experience the beauty of soft and soothing sequences. Shifting from a state of doing to a restorative mind frame of being, we will also use different meditations leaving you calm and grounded.

This event is meant to be accessible and easy going yet profound and insightful. My intention is to create a cozy environment and space for your needs. Only a few spots are available to maintain the personal touch.

The retreat will always take place on a Sunday.
11:00 Coffee, tea & snacks.
12:00 Visualization & Setting an intention.
12:30 Yoga; Gentle Flow & Yin.
14:00 Sharing moment.
14:30 Lunch & drinks.


Join the one day retreats and…

➼ …reconnect with your true self.
…get new insights from within.
…experience freedom in your body, mind and soul.
…meet and connect with other women.
…enjoy an unforgettable moment of self- love & self-care.

These days allow you to step out of your usual routine, focus entirely on your own needs and enjoy precious moments for your practice. At the same time, this is an opportunity to find comfort in community and get inspired by other women.



The safe space Nienke creates for all of us women helped us connect to ourselves and support each other purely. Being part of a day like this with other women creates a spontaneous sisterhood. Thank you, Nienke, for creating this space for our bodies and souls.”

Laurien Vermeulen, Interior Designer


It was such a lovely experience to have a day for myself and focus on gentle yoga and meditation with other amazing women. Nienke has a very calming and grounding energy, and I loved how she led the yoga classes. The power of this day was not only in the different yoga and meditation practices we did but also in the way we could share our experiences. I received so many lovely insights from the great conversations we had and felt very comfortable and intimate in the setting created for us.

Kaisa Kapanen, Webdesigner, Passion Kick-Starter