Offering a safe space for you to blossom

Mental well-being doesn’t just happen; it requires work, as much as physical health does. And getting into the headspace to dive into our emotions requires mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion. Through unconditional love for moving freely, I bring yoga, intuitive movement and meditation together. 



Yoga unites body, mind, and spirit in one practice which has a freeing effect. I bring that sense of liberation into my own yoga practice and in the sessions that I teach.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Vinyasa means the connection of movement and breath, and the flow element becomes entirely sensible when we move

gracefully from one pose to the next. It’s the flow that calms our mind, which gives us space in the body.

Gentle Flow 
Gentle Flow Yoga is a very soothing and slow variation of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You will experience the beauty of a soft and dreamy yoga flow and restorative or yin-like postures within this practice. Relax with moving in meditation and a series of calming and grounding postures.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is based on a series of restful postures, sequenced in a slow phased journey on the mat. This yoga style invites you to shift from a mind frame of doing to being. So you can go inward, surrender, and calm your body and mind. Each pose is held for 3 to 5 minutes. Your connective tissue stretches gradually, stays hydrated, and the joints remain flexible. My Yin Yoga sessions will always be supported by gentle movements between postures to soothe the body after deep stretches. 

“In my yoga sessions I create a fine balance between strength and softness. You will feel empowered and relaxed after the practice”.



My guided meditations support you in finding a strong connection with your true self and inner wisdom. Meditating can help you know yourself better and understand what you find important in life. By inviting stillness and mindfulness, you can allow yourself to observe, feel what is right for you in the moment, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Besides offering calm and grounding practices, I use different visualization techniques to help you improve how you feel and perform in daily life. Especially within The Way She Moves and One Day Retreats, the power of visualization is an important element.

Intuitive Movement

An Intuitive Movement Practice encourages you to let go of strategies, expectations, and judgmental beliefs. By flowing intuitively, a deep form of relaxation will be found.

Practicing in this way will provide you with a mindful and liberating experience, exploring movements coming from the heart.

Soft & Powerful
This free-flow practice can be rather gentle and slow, but it can also be uplifting and powerful. I vary within my sessions to tend to these different experiences. The main focus is to find your body’s natural rhythm and to move in your own way.