Feminine Flow— Full Moon Specials

Within these Feminine FlowFull Moon Specials we will awaken our feminine energy. Our feminine energy promotes openness, creativity and flow.


Come home to yourself

The Feminine FlowFull Moon Specials are for you to come home to yourself. You will experience a free practice in which you can let go of judgments, expectations and limitations. So you feel grounded in who you truly are.

Full Moon Inspiration
Guided by the thematics of the Full Moon, I will guide you through soft and grounding self-love practices supported by gentle yoga, intuitive movement, and visualization meditations.

Celebrating the beautiful energy of the Full Moon, invites us to bring a natural flow into our lives. Release what no longer works for you and create space for something new to manifest.

➼ Dates & Location: To be announced.



“Nienke has the gift to guide you through her sessions in your own flow. She makes you feel at ease and supports you with various options throughout each session. Her warm and personal approach will make you feel very comfortable and welcome.”

Silvia van Hooft, Strategy Director


Especially Nienke’s visualization meditations work well for me. Based on her words, I can create my own environment. Things become so vivid, and from the moment I picture a beautiful fairytale, I can find clear answers to soul-searching questions. It gives me insights without overthinking. For the more down-to-earth women like me, it might take you some time to get used to the moon-spirituality, but surely give it a try and just see if it’s something for you.

Barbara Lensen, Communications Advisor

“The body is connected to the mind and clearing out emotional waste through movement is paramount to our overall well-being”.