Surrender to the beauty of moving freely.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt the urge to keep my body in motion. Growing up, I practiced gymnastics and dance, which I enjoyed a lot. Both disciplines allowed me to move in a powerful yet graceful way, and this is how I experienced physical freedom.


Yoga; One of the loves of my life.

I’ve always known there was deep wisdom to be found in moving my body but practicing gymnastics and dance have put me in a position of performing and not (always) in a place of listening. I discovered yoga, and it became one of the loves of my life. After countless hours of practicing, I decided to follow a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

In the summer of 2016, I passed, and it felt so good that I was now not only able but also certified to share the beauty of yoga with others. I started teaching straight away and joined various body & mind courses to expand my knowledge.

The connection with my body became even stronger from the moment I brought yoga, meditation and intuitive movement into one practice. The combination of stillness and free-flow movements allowed me to come home and be who I truly am: a dreamer, a creator, and an intuitive woman.

“The connection with my body became even stronger from the moment I brought yoga, meditation and intuitive movement into one practice”.


Intuitive teaching style

The evolution of my personal practice resulted in an intuitive teaching style. I aim to continuously create a liberating experience and a safe space to explore movements coming from the heart.

Throughout the years, the foundation of my approach and message became more clear.

Especially women mentioned that my sessions helped them feel grounded, empowered, and in touch with their loving energy inside. What I had been doing all along was helping women to fall in love with themselves and inspiring them to take up space.

The Way She Moves

My yoga sessions gradually unfolded into profound gatherings where I not only teach movement and meditation but also guide women in self-love embodiment. Currently, I share my knowledge and skills in a series of customized packages: The Way She Moves— 1:1 programs for women to gain more inner peace, confidence, and trust in life. 



“Nienke has the gift to guide you through her sessions in your own flow. She makes you feel at ease and supports you with various options throughout each session. Her warm and personal approach will make you feel very comfortable and welcome.”.

Silvia van Hooft, Strategy Director